Abu Dhabi condos

Abu Dhabi’s real estate growth is exponential with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Almost all of its communities and districts are expanding as new buildings and houses are being developed. What follows is a mini guide on how to find apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi and its best districts.

Al Khalidiya

This is a vibrant and diverse community in which you can find expats from all over the world.

Many of the apartments in this area feature amazing waterfront views. The area has a reputation as an excellent community for families with children as there are plenty of recreational activities that parents can do with their children. Then there are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, various stores, a shopping mall, and all sorts of amenities for grownups. All in all, a community that has plenty of offer and great apartments with breath-taking views.

Al Reem

The Al Reem Island community is even more vibrant than Al Khalidiya as it offers ultra-modern residential buildings with some pretty exquisite amenities. You can choose from studio apartments to a luxurious four-bedroom apartment. The price of the apartment depends on various factors: the position of the apartment, how luxurious it is, at what floor it is, and so on. In the last couple of years, there is a surge from expats from both Europe and America. The restaurants and coffee shops are always full of people.

Khalifa City

This is a suburban residential area that is very popular with families. The low living costs, the great apartment buildings attract a great deal of UAE residents. In general, apartments are relatively cheaper in comparison with districts such as Al Khalidiya and Al Reem.

Al Markaziyah

There are numerous new buildings in this district. Some of them are private apartments while others are serviced hotel apartments. The entire area seems to be in development as old buildings are being replaced with new ones all the time. Hamdan Street is the main street in downtown, and it cuts through Al Markaziyah. Thanks to that there is a massive demand for apartments in this district. The entire area is flooded with great restaurants and various shops, all of which are in walking distance. It is a community in which folks with different cultural background blend in. That gives the area additional charm and appeal.

Raha Beach Area

This district is conveniently located just 10 minutes from the Abu Dhabi’s International Airport and is close to the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. Currently, it is one of the most demanded addresses in the entire country. Raha Beach is a vibrant community that is a mix of top-class apartment buildings, great houses, marina facilities, cafes, and many other amenities. The locals are already trying to get hold of each piece of property they can as they see the full potential of the district. Because of that, finding an apartment in this area can be challenging. But if you do, then rest assured that you are in the right place.