Roughly on the same latitude as Central America, Phuket’s climate is a lot easier going than say, Costa Rica’s. The average temperature is 28 degrees Celsius and varies from 22 degrees to 35 degrees depending on the time of year. One thing you can depend on, however, is that it’s always humid on this island. From November to April the skies are generally clear and a fresh northeasterly breeze sweeps through the region, making yachting, scuba diving and a host of other water sports instantly accessible. From May until October Phuket is a lot wetter, due to westerly monsoons, but it doesn’t rain all day every day. For this reason, Phuket’s rainy season can sometimes be a misnomer. There is a mini-summer in June/July when the island is perhaps at its most idyllic with quiet beaches and glorious weather for three or more weeks.