A central mountain range forms the backbone of the island. The highest point is 529 metres. Much of the rest of the island is given over to rubber and pineapple plantations. The West Coast is studded with truly beautiful beaches from where you can witness spectacular sunsets whereas prawn farms, mangrove forests and yachting facilities dominate the East side of the island. If there is one word that has been used to describe Phuket it is “Verdant”. The island positively bursts with green plants, crops, trees and shrubbery. There is the Khao Phra Taew National Park in the northwest of the island where wild animals live in their natural habitat and Phuket is no more than two hours away from some of the most unspoiled jungle in Asia: at Khao Sok National Park.

32 smaller islands – almost all easily accessible by boat – surround Phuket, affording a rich choice of day trips and scuba/snorkeling sites.