khao lak beach phuket

Phuket is one of those destinations that has to offer something for everyone, families included. It has plenty of family-friendly beaches, loads of cultural attractions, numerous sightseeing attractions, and activities that are suited for the entire family. Here’s a list of things to do in Phuket with your family.

Visit the upside down house

As the name suggests, everything is upside down in this place. You will be walking on the ceiling and have tons of laughs as everything is reversed. Kids adore this place, and you can make great pictures. It is one of the most popular spots for families visiting Phuket.

upside down house phuket

A tour in the James Bond Island

The vertical rock coming out of the sea is one of those attractions that is on almost anyone’s checklist when visiting Phuket. The rock became internationally famous when it was featured in a James Bond movie. Since then, millions of tourists have visited the site.

James Bond Island

Spend Time in the Tiger Kingdom

Kids love the big cats, and that’s a fact. Families can have an excellent time in the Tiger Kingdom in Phuket. Kids too can pet the tigers and spend some time around them. There are also small tigers that are very playful around children. All in all, it is a unique and interesting experience the children will remember for the rest of their lives.

Tiger Kingdom

Check Out Trick Eye Museum

The walls in the trick eye museum are covered with 3D paintings that create fun illusions. Most of the times you feel that something might pop out, you’re going to fall at any moment, or something is moving towards you even though it is just a painting. Families can have tons of fun and laugh in the trick eye museum.

Trick Eye Museum Phuket

Have Fun at the Laem Ka Beach

Children love beaches and swimming. Laem Ka is not as crowded as Patong and has one of the most transparent waters. Many families often prefer staying there and absorb the tranquillity and Zen beauty that comes out from Laem Ka Beach.

Laem Ka Beach

Visit Wat Khao Rand

Wat Khao Rand is not as big and famous as Wat Chalong, but its serenity and peace are exceptional. Its entrance has a big statue, while golden dragons guard its stairs. The golden Buddha statue is the main attractions, along with the statues of the Hindu gods present in the temple.

Wat Khao Rand Phuket

Spent Time in the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

This is a sanctuary for elephants saved from captivity and abuse. Families can hang around the elephants there, can feed them, and learn about them. Children will have a great time and also learn about these magnificent creatures. It is both fun and educational experience.

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Airport Transfer Phuket

Phuket airport is the starting point for most foreign tourists. Getting from the airport to the city center or any place else on the island is relatively easy. During the day, tourists can catch a bus. The bus is the cheapest option but at the same time is almost always overcrowded and sometimes you need to wait for the next one because of that. Taxi is another option, but the fee can vary from taxi to taxi, plus many of the drivers don’t speak English so that communication may be an issue. Welcome pickups is another of the few Phuket airport transfers options. They offer online booking, English speaking drivers, and flat rates.

Phuket Airport Transfer